Firearms Transfers

Firearms transfers can be obtained for $15.00 per firearm.  If you are purchasing from an online dealer or Gunbroker, We will send our FFL to your seller if they do not already have our FFL on file.  Please email us a request for a firearm transfer and include the email address, make of the firearm and any order or item numbers you may receive from the seller. We will then email our FFL to your seller so your firearm can be shipped to us.

Firearm Sales

We are always happy to quote firearm prices.  We have numerous distributors we use for competitive pricing.  Call or email for a quote on firearms.

AR-15 Builds

TDR Tactical is a type 07 FFL

We have the ability to build and assembly the AR-15 Platform.  Please call or email for quotes and information on a custom AR build.

TDR Tactical Forged Lowers

Coming Soon:

The next batch of TDR Tactical forged lowers will be arriving soon.  Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when they arrive.